An Appeal for Recognition

You must realize that the catholic church that you attend on Sundays is not the same Church that your grandparents, great grandparents, and nearly all of the Saints and Popes attended. But you will say "But I go to the same place that they went to!". But it is not the "bricks, mortar, and marble" that makes a church a Catholic Church. What makes a church "A Holy Roman Catholic Church" is the Catholic Faith. The embodiment of faith determines all of that which "the faithful" must believe, in order to be members of that church. If you are faithful to what Buddhists believe, then you are a Buddhist. To be a Catholic and member of the True Catholic Church, you must believe the True Catholic Faith. If you fail to embrace even 1 small aspect of this Faith, you will cease to be a member of the Catholic Church.

Since the Catholic Faith is no longer in your church, your church is no longer a Catholic Church. What was once the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Catholic Faith, sadly no longer exists. Even though the buildings are the same, the religion is different. The Faith is different. Even though some of the priests may still be the same, their religion is different and most likely their Faith is different as well. What they and the hierarchy believe and what they teach to you, the flock, is a different teaching, and many times a conflicting message, from the message that has been a constant teaching of the Holy Roman Catholic Church for nearly 2000 years. That many of you think of yourselves as "Roman Catholic" is both sad and angering, for this church that pretends to be The Catholic Church is a profanity and corruption of the Glorious Church that once was. Untold desecrations and irreverence take place in buildings that were once Gateways to Heaven. These buildings are no different now than museums, and as helpful to the soul as a Protestant or Muslim church is. That you are really "New Catholics" or "Post-Conciliar Catholics" manifests the very "Apostasy of Faith" that St. Paul talked about and the Blessed Virgin warned about. It is a "Modernist Church" that past Popes have condemned, and that Vatican II popes have embraced.

Only those who do not recognize that they have lost the "True Catholic Faith" could ever lose it. For if they had recognized it, they would have raced back to the fold, before the wolves could've devoured them. For there is only complete safety within the fold of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Our Faith teaches that and we believe that. It is a Dogma of Catholic Faith.

The differences are staggering between the Holy Roman Catholic Faith and the Post Conciliar catholic beliefs (See "What has changed"). It was only by the double-speak of Vatican II edicts, and the effect of time on people's sensibilities during a period of gradual change, and the sacred Catholic Tradition of Obedience to Church Authority, in addition to worldly and God-less influences, and also a very sinister intent, that it was able to occur. How it is that the Faith was not adequately safeguarded? How is it that diabolically-influenced men were allowed to usurp power? How is it that a counterfeit church is able to masquerade as legitimate and inflict so much damage? These questions will only be completely answered in the fullness of time. We must believe that God allowed it and continues to allow it to test our Faith and determine our Merit. It could only have happened to a Faith that was already lukewarm and weak. Imposters had set themselves up as the Mystical Body of Christ and the Faithful did not recognize that these men were false because their own Faith was weak.

When change was first proposed there should have been a universal recognition that any one change to the Church would be wrong and ill-conceived. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant. That is because unlike man God is perfect and His Church is also perfect. What humans perceive as flaws or unnecessary tidbits, is wisdom in God's Divine design. And since perfection can not be improved upon, any change to that which is perfect, introduces imperfection. That which is un-sullied becomes stained. That which changes what is pure, introduces impurity. Some of the changes seemed minor and they were introduced with flowery and charitable language. For the unpalatable cannot be administered unless it has been candy-coated. These seemingly innocent changes were layered upon one another and soon the foundation was unrecognizable. They slowly smothered the roots of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Other changes were not so minor. But well-devised double-speak, along with faithless old comfortable men in Rome, and a pope who could not possibly be Pope, managed the seemingly impossible; to turn the steadfastness of the Roman Catholic Church into that of a completely new church.... an ecumenical church.

This weed has grown with amazing speed. The manure was spread thick. This new species or rather, mutant "hybrid", has taken root and choked the Catholic Church. It is a hybrid of the Catholic Church and the "Churches of the World". There are remnants of the old. Mostly it is that which is insignificant, inoffensive to Heretics, and easy to deal with. The appeal comes from its candy-coating. Its "charitable ecumenism" or its "love and tolerance", or its "Humanity" or "worldliness". It is the product of man's reasoning. Man's understanding of the way things should be or the way God should be. This folly of Man is not the way of God. The way of God demands sacrifice and homage. It demands forsaking all that this world has to offer and trusting in the riches of the next. It demands commitment and practice of the Faith of the Apostles. Wide is the gate and easy is the path to Perdition. If you find that your religion is not stern enough then it is not the means of Salvation. The bar is high and unattainable, for if you could attain it then the reward is owed you, and it will always be a gift. It is not reaching the bar that matters. It is for the effort and struggle that merit is earned and the reward is given.

It Took a Pope

With Traditional Catholics there is general agreement amongst them pertaining to what has changed for the worse within what was once the Catholic Church. They can agree on the invalidity of the Novus Ordo mass. They can agree on the liberal and modernist infrastructure. They can agree on the  sacramental changes, and attitude changes, and architectural changes. They can agree that Vatican II was a disaster. There is, for the most part, only 1 thing they can't agree on; the Pope. When the Pope is discussed, the fervor and convictions elevate.


Was he validly chosen? Is he a heretic? Is he a modernist? Are his hands tied? Is he trying? Is he conservative? Is he Pope? If not, who was the last Pope? Because of this we have Pius X, Pius V, Latinists, Conclavists, Sedevacantists, as well as traditional Condiliarists recognizing the Pope, and a host of gray areas in between. Everyone recognizes and agrees that Catholics must have a Pope. The question is only "do we have one now"?


Points that have helped confuse the Faithful and have aided the takeover of the Church

Papal Infallibility

Magisterial Infallibility

Indefectibility of the Church

Perpetual presence and visibility of the Church.

Obedience to the Pope

Obedience to Authorities within the Church

Disparity between the Church and the World

Changing Values amongst the Faithful

Lack of Education in the Faith.

Personal feelings and attitudes.

Strong Temptations and Diabolical Influence.

Logical fallacies.

Reason, denial and rationalization.

Believing in the Greatness of Man.


To find the truth we must increase the clarity of our Faith. We must divorce ourselves from our feelings, wants and needs. In that way we open our hearts to the truth and we are receptive to the truth. It is a process of thinking that is independent from our will and what we think and more aligned to God and what God thinks. It is very difficult  to do.


The answer to the question of the Pope can be found when one realizes that the very issues that confront us now about the Pope are the same ones that confronted many in the 1960s. And the result was then as it is now. That the Catholic Church could only have deviated from the "true" path, and accomplished all of the disasters so apparent to us; with the help, assistance and complicity of the Pope. It took a Pope to call the council. It took a Pope to set the agenda. It took a Pope to intervene during significant debates. It took a Pope to eventually approve and sign all of the documents of Vatican II. It took a Pope to change the Mass. It took a Pope to abolish the Coronation Oath and the Oath against Modernism. It took a Pope to abdicate the Primacy of the Papacy. It took a Pope to steer us and persist along this visibly disastrous course. It took a Pope to change the Church of Jesus Christ to the Church of Modern Man.


If any other person, group, or council would have proposed the changes and tried to lead us in that direction they would have been met with rejection and failure. It really did require a Pope to make it happen. Whether or not the Pope was diabolically complicit, malicious, misguided, negligent, or weak, the fact remains that the person acting in his capacity demolished the Catholic Church. And demolish it he/they did, as no sane person can say that the Post-Conciliar catholic church today is the same Holy Roman Catholic Church that existed prior to Vatican II. It is a different church now. And they won't even try to deny it, because that was the intent of Vatican II. To Modernize the Church and bring into the mainstream, to make it more friendly to the World. But these ideas were warned against as being dangerous and heretical by many pious Catholics and Popes. That is because God must not conform to the World, the World must conform to God. So how then could it ever have happened?


The timing was as perfect as was the plan. Many things came together perfectly. First God allowed it, as a Trial. Second, Satan was motivated, for his potential reward was great. The world had doubt in Faith and Religion, because science and "wise" men said that only ignorant folk believed in that supernatural stuff. Vatican I proclaimed the Pope infallible. Modernists twisted the doctrine to only when the Pope spoke the "magic words" (ex cathedra) was He infallible. The rest of the time He could error. There were many who were not Catholic and who resented The Catholic Church's Pious Doctrine and were bent on Her destruction. Greed for power and lack of Fortitude amongst the Catholic Hierarchy, took the fight out of those who were charged to protect the Faith. And finally, those who were the Catholic multitudes had allowed their understanding of the Faith to wane and weaken. Some had good intentions, some were misguided, some were blind, some were malicious. All were influenced at least a little by the Devil and some were even in league with Him. Very few stood in God's corner and fought. How did Satan pull it off? What were the undercurrents that he used? We may never know exactly. We do know, however, that he did pull it off and he needed the complicity of a person sitting in Peter's chair to do it. We also know that people liked the vernacular because they failed to learn Latin. It was easy to accept, because they never understood the meaning of the Mass and when the Mass changed they couldn't tell.


Time has shown that the fruit of the tree planted at Vatican II, is bad fruit. It should be cut down and thrown into the fire and it will be so, in God's time. There is no way that these past 5 men, who called themselves Popes, could be the Vicars of Christ. The Pope would never have allowed this debauchery to occur, nor have allowed it to continue. At least He would have died trying to stop it. We, as traditional Catholics would accept this New Church as a valid persecution if we saw the Pope fighting for the True Church and being persecuted. If we saw Him fight against it. If we saw His disdain and revulsion for it. Then we would believe in Him as the Pope because then we would know that He represents Christ and His Church would ultimately prevail. Instead we see advocates, complicit authors, promoters, and personages that were part of the errors from the beginning. A True Pope could not do Satan's work and would fight to the death to put him down. Such martyrdom would inspire and restore the Faith and build the Church. Exactly as martyrdom has done in the past.


The Catholic Church needs a Pope. Since we have no Pope, Ecclesiastic time must necessarily cease. We have the past Popes for guidance, but nothing new can be answered. No one has the authority to answer today's most pressing questions. Consequently this is also a time which demands extraordinary charity amongst us, lest one's pride and condemnations bring his own ruin. We pray for a Pope because we are barren without Him. We must try to hold this Shepard-less flock together, as its natural tendency is to disperse. We must pray hard to endure these miserable times. God will provide His rightful Vicar in His time.