How do I live a Catholic life in these times?


Postby Renovo » Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:58 pm

This society has affected our thoughts and attitudes in a very non-Catholic way. Because of this, it is very unlikely that a person will save his soul in this time. We have been so completely patterned into satisfying our wills that most find it too difficult to be truly Catholic. Most who call themselves Catholic are unwilling to do all that it takes to merit the name. Most want to “just make it to Purgatory”. They think that they are doing enough. What a horrible attitude to have. It is very certain that those with this attitude do not persevere and are lost. If you do much the same as everyone else, how can you expect an outcome different from theirs?

We see many “Catholics” who are rabid when they are charitably shown the weakness of their Faith. They lash back in a malicious fury with personal attacks. Calling those that care for them, more than anyone else cares for them, “self-righteous”, “high and mighty”, “paternalistic”, “chauvinistic”, or “condescending”. Shame on the pride of these souls. They must assert themselves and their “rights” that were never ordained, only legislated and fostered by a God-less society. Have they no Fear of God? Can they be so far lost?

Always, do everything, for the Love and Glory of God. Everyone who would dare to use the name of Catholic should have this before him all day.

Bear inconveniences and anxieties; for the Love and Glory of God.
Be prudent and modest; for the Love and Glory of God.
Hold thy malicious and proud tongues; for the Love and Glory of God.
Humbly accept Holy Catholic reproach; for the Love and Glory of God.
Severely mortify your desires; for the Love and Glory of God.
Be exceptional in your duty and your example; for the Love and Glory of God.
Be charitable to all in all things; for the Love and Glory of God.
Be intolerant of un-Catholic things; for the Love and Glory of God.
Focus on where you will be for all Eternity; for the Love and Glory of God.

Do you think that God would make it too hard to be Catholic? Do not think like the Protestants. Being Catholic is the only way to be happy. The more you give yourself to God, the easier it gets and the happier you become. Why do you think the Saints go to great lengths and heroically sacrifice?

Men, demand nothing less than a truly Catholic women for your wife. One who loves God, more than you or herself.

Women, recognize that the most perfect creation of God was a woman and never stoop to the level or vocation of a man. Only choose a truly Catholic husband to help you and your children get to Heaven.

Both men and women must love God above all other things. More than they love themselves and their desires. More than they love each other. More than they love their children, or parents, or relatives, or friends, or money, or status, or any other created thing. We show this by believing and trying to obey everything that the Catholic Church teaches us. This is what it takes to say that we are Catholic. Those that cannot do this will have no hope of entering into Heaven, and are almost certainly lost.

It is a constant teaching of the Catholic Church that so many are horribly lost for all eternity. Mostly everyone you will ever know. Contemplate this and you may ask yourself; why is anyone smiling? There is a Protestant picture of Jesus with His head back and He’s laughing. I cannot imagine such a thing in this valley of tears.

Pray so very hard to Our Blessed Mother to obtain the Grace to amend our wretched lives and abandon our attachments to this world and to live truly Catholic lives, persevering to the end, for the Love and for the Glory of God.
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