Only Sedevacantism explains the current situation

Regarding the Chair of Peter

Only Sedevacantism explains the current situation

Postby Renovo » Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:34 pm


It is so encouraging that you have left the Novus Ordo Newchurch. There are few in good conscience, in my opinion, who could remain attached to that mess. I am concerned however, with your logic and reasoning surrounding the Pope. As has been alluded to you, the Pope is the defining issue for those that wish to claim tradition.

I have some points that you must consider, whether or not you agree with them. Your vocation places a responsibility on you that you must try to save souls. Therefore you must be correct in your Faith and not give scandal. If what I convey has the possibility of enhancing your success, then your duty obliges you to consider what I say.

By your reasoning and your understanding of Catholic Dogma you claim that the Pope cannot be judged by us. This is flawed understanding. Judge not lest ye be judged is a common vulgar translational misconception. This is because we are bound to determine (judge) a person's manifest sinfulness, and we are commanded to reproach him. What we cannot do is condemn (judge) him to Hell.

You claim that since he was elected, he is Pope. This is presumptive logic.
You first presume that he was validly elected:

A person must be Catholic to be elected Pope. Heretics are not Catholics.

A Pope is elected by Cardinals. Heretical Cardinals lose their office ipso facto, no formal declaration necessary.

The Holy Ghost's protection can be frustrated by sinful, weak and devious men. So while a heretic sits in Peter's Chair he is not necessarily a valid Pope.

Your logic presumes that once elected he can do nothing to un-Pope himself. That he cannot lose his office no matter what he does or what he says. This is an extremely dangerous belief. For when the Son of Perdition sitteth in the temple of God, will you still think he is Pope?

You claim that if he does something wrong, he temporarily loses authority, as an apostate father is still your Dad, so an apostate Pope is always the Pope. Classic logical fallacy. Dads are dads biologically and charitably. It is false to draw a parallel between this biological truism to a non-biological circumstance. In other words, since my dad is always my dad, my dentist is always my dentist. He is my dentist because he satisfies certain necessary requirements. He is a practicing dentist. He is good standing with some certification board, and he does nothing manifestly in gross conflict with what previous dentists have done.

Once a Pope manifests formal heresy (not material heresy) we ordinary Catholics can know with certitude that he is no longer Catholic and therefore no longer Pope. No formal declaration is needed to declare him not-Pope because he declares himself not-Pope by his manifestly explicit and pertinacious heresies.

Charity drives me to write this. I do not make these rebuttals to provoke your anger, only to provoke your Faith. I, like you, was a Novus Ordo Catholic. I do not claim authority nor infalliblity, but God did give me understanding. My understanding of the Truth is inconsistent with yours, therefore one of us is wrong-minded. The biggest reason for the importance of the Pope issue, in my estimation, is the scandal that it brings down on the Church. If you are correct in your thinking then the Catholic Church is defective, the teaching magesterium is rotten to the core, and the "Pope" sitting in Rome is a suffering form a bout of Modernism. But how could this be? How could the Church be sick, even temporarily? And if the Church can be sick and is not always perfectly correct, then She does not always need to be listened to. Can't you see where that leads? It leads to the mess that we are experiencing today.

The Sedevacant explanation keeps the Catholic Church as She always was....perfect, just as Her Founder. Her individual members are rarely perfect, but She is always perfect and indefectable in Her magesterial teachings. I am sorry Father but you cannot say that about your Church. Why do you want to cling to it? The bulk of what used to be the Catholic Church broke away in 1959, and formed a new protestant church. The head of this church is no more Catholic than the head of the Anglican Church. Denounce the Newchurch for what it is; a diabolically influenced Modernist religion, headed by heretics and apostates.

God Bless your perseverance and your vocation.

With love in Christ,
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