The Key to a Happy Marriage.

How do I live a Catholic life in these times?

The Key to a Happy Marriage.

Postby Renovo » Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:27 pm

Is not the primary motive of marriage to have children and to raise them in the Catholic Faith? The only way this will happen is if their parents are living the Catholic Faith. From this motive the second motive of marriage is realized and that is the real happiness of the husband and wife watching their children grow up loving God.

It is not the Hollywood, Danielle Steele, or Disney view that should be sought after, these glamorous corruptions come from the Prince of the World. They are shallow empty promises that lead to the overwhelming failures and miseries of marriages in our time. Only the Catholic Church's guidance on the married state leads to "happiness ever after".

Understand the teachings of the Church and embrace them. Find a spouse who feels the same way and you will be happy in this life and the next. Together as your love in God grows, so also will your true love for each other grow.

Read Pope Pius XI "Casti Connubi"
and talk to your priest.

Also remember to "spare not the rod lest ye spoil the child". If the child's will cannot conform to the parent's will, how can it conform to God's?
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