Are you a Modernist?

How do I live a Catholic life in these times?

Are you a Modernist?

Postby Renovo » Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:24 pm

Soft-Catholicism (lukewarmness) has got us to were we are today. I would rather have 2 Catholics than 100 lax Catholics, because you have 2 Catholics rather than 0. The 100 lax Catholics are Catholic in name only. We must set an example for all Catholics and those seeking to be Catholic that this is not a religion where people are free to "express themselves" or "find themseves". This is a religion of submission. And these "children" are old enough to go to Hell tomorrow and bring others with them. This is serious life and death stuff, yet we talk about "they are just kids and they don't know better".

If a child in your neighborhood came down with H5N1 Bird Flu would you let him come in and play with your child? Its not the other child's fault. He might not even know has it. Even if your child get's it there is a 20% chance he will not die. So what do you do? You do not let him in and if he tries to come in you keep him out.

Do you think youth will listen to someone when they are told to always do the right thing, and then they see incorrectness tolerated? Do you think that a young adult is too young to be a heretic?

If scandal comes to the innocent then all who stood by and did nothing, better get their millstones ready.

The problem is not the volume of the knowledge it is all about attitude.These "errant kids" as they are described better learn quick (today) that the first thing a Catholic must do is strive to know his Religion. Toss all of the modern notions out. In fact if they haven't already been instructed in Catholicism then nearly everything they have been taught is corrupted.

Secondly all Catholics must believe this Religion, all that the Catholic Church teaches. Especially the stuff that they may not readily agree with. Even the stuff that they have not heard yet. This is the Will of God and it must be mentally submitted to.

Third, strive to obey all that the Catholic Church teaches by doing what the Catholic Church teaches. We say "Thy Will be done" not "Thy Will I'll think about doing when I'm 60".

This issue is only a question of the person's will. Willingness to do God's Will (the Catholic Faith) or your own. How do you tell if you are a Modernist? If you interpret Catholicism to explain your beliefs then you are a Modernist. If you use Catholicism to define your beliefs then you are a Catholic.
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