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Welcome to the Forum - Please Read First

PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2000 8:01 pm
by Renovo
The purpose of this forum is to offer a means of providing a constructive exchange in the difficult times which we are experiencing. There are more questions than answers, and no true authority is manifest to definitively resolve many of these issues and controversies.

While matters of Faith can be strong and emotional, no one here is infallibly protected by the Holy Ghost. We should all have moral certitude in our positions and the willingness to do the Will of God. We have our Faith. There are no facts until we die.

Remember that True Charity must prevail in our intercourses with each other. We hate the sin, but love the sinner. Reproach can be charitable when used with concern for the soul. We shall be measured as we measure and should all have the intent of helping others get to Heaven, as well as ourselves.

This is a Catholic religious Forum. We will not tolerate belligerent, profane, or disrespectful postings.