A Catholic quiz


Matters of Faith are what distinguish Catholics from other so-called Christians. This Catholic Quiz is meant to demonstrate that there are common misconceptions and misunderstandings amongst Catholics due to concerted efforts to blur these tenets of Catholic Faith and even, God forbid, to discard them.


If you take this quiz, please keep this in mind:


It is possible to miss every answer and still be Catholic. This is because Catholics can not know everything about their Faith. But when they find out that they thought one thing and that the Catholic Church teaches another, they immediately cease in there former belief and espouse the teachings of the Catholic Church. It is only by failing to do this, that they cease to be Catholic, since every Catholic is required to believe all that the Catholic Church teaches. Those that fail to embrace and disregard even 1 teaching are no longer Catholics and become heretics.


Obviously, Catholics who are ignorant of their faith are not desirable. They will proclaim to be Catholic but not know what it means to be Catholic, thus giving grave scandal to others who might have converted to the Catholic religion if it were not for the bad example that they received. It is every Catholic's duty to learn what they can of the Catholic Faith, especially that which pertains to their station in life, and to be a good example to others.


So with the enhancement of your faith in mind, please proceed to the quiz and I humbly pray that it will help you strengthen your Catholic Faith.


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