Sedevacantists Believe in the Holy Roman Catholic Church


The reason why Sedevacantism is a prevailing explanation to today's current crisis, is because it is a complete and plausible explanation. It is the only explanation that makes complete sense and explains the otherwise unexplainable dilemma that befell the Catholic Church. The most central point of Sedevacantism is that there is no possibility that these past 5 men (who call themselves Pope since 1958) are Roman Catholic Popes. We do not have to speculate on the how's or why's, although at times we try. We only state the obvious fact that only a vacant Chair of Peter could explain the debacle that came from Vatican II and persists to this day.


Sedevacantism explains:


How Popes could participate in blatantly heretical non-Catholic functions.

How Popes could lead millions astray.

How millions of Catholics could become Apostates

The current state of religious vocations in the Vatican II Church

How Catholic Bishops could so egregiously promote false teachings.

How the entire Magisterium could disappear in less than 10 years.

Why a Pope doesn't correct grave errors in the church.

How Christ could perceive 1 billion Catholics missing?

How St. Paul's Great Apostasy could occur.


Some are almost Pharisaical in their positions. In the face of overwhelming and obvious signs of Christ's divinity, the Pharisees still refused to accept His nature. He could, but would not prove it to them. He was Divine and it was left to them to recognize Him, believe in Him and to follow Him. But they were too proud, too comfortable, too correct, and too blind to see. In a similar way the bulk of the Church is no more. It is obviously and overwhelmingly apparent. It might be, but does not have to be proven. It is left for us to recognize it, accept it and correct it.


The obvious facts:


Vatican II's religious teachings are different than those of pre-1958 Catholic Church, they have:

New teachings on Ecumenism, Religious Liberty, Modernism, Proselytizing, Collegiality of Bishops, and more.

A New Bible

            A New Canon Law

            A New Catechism

            A New Mass

            New music/prayers/rituals/rubrics


Vatican II thoughts, promotions, ideals and teachings have destroyed the Faith and Morals of their Congregation. Many millions of Catholics are oblivious to Catholic Faith in the sense of the teachings of the Church that saves Souls from Hell.


Lost is the Faith in:

            Divine Reverence

            The Reason for the Catholic Church

            The knowledge of what sins are and their consequences.

            The knowledge of how to restore Sanctifying Grace.

            The charity of reproaching sinners

            The charity of conversion to Catholicism

Vatican II beliefs are different than Pre-Vatican II beliefs. If the faith (what one believes) is different, then the religion is different.


But the very core and most obvious reason that Vatican II was anti-Catholic is that the Catholic Church could not lead Catholics astray neither by commission of error nor omission of Truth. If the Catholic Faith has been nearly destroyed by Magisterial mis-leadership from priests to popes; for any number of reasons; by their counsel, command, consent, participation, silence, provocation, flattery, concealment, or defense, they have sinned gravely and obstinately. They are conspirators, architects, modernist pawns, contributors, authors, promoters, enablers and usurpers. They all allowed themselves to be diabolically influenced, and gave up their Faith. They are not Catholic and neither is their creation.


Even the Vatican II popes have recognized that the effects of Vatican II were bad, whether intended or not. Why do they persist in this Modernist theology? The same theology that was condemned repeatedly by the Church, and now we see why. We see what Holy Mother Church was trying to protect us from. Why don't they reinstitute the former way? And do away with this mother-of-all heresies. By mere pronouncement a Pope could undo all and restore all.


A True Pope could not have allowed the demolition to take place or those with the dynamite to remain. How was it that an anti-Church, anti-Christ was able to usurp Ecclesiastic power and sit on Peter's throne? Who knows? We do know that it was prophesied to occur. We do know that the Catholic Church warned about it and tried to protect us from it. We can bet that Satan was at the controls. But how it happened matters little now. We cannot go back in time and properly safeguard against it. Instead of arguing about how or why it would happen, we must recognize that it did happen. And more importantly, what can we do about it? How do we restore the Church to Her former Glory? How does God work through men to maintain the Succession of Peter? How do we restore the Faith and Salvation to the misguided? It took a False Pope to bring the Church down, likewise it will take a True Pope to build the Church up.


Only Satan's advocate (either duped or complicit) would hold up the effects of Vatican II and proclaim "God is pleased with what Vatican II accomplished". As a mouthpiece of Satan, one would promote deceitful efforts to deny the obvious in very convincing manner, citing lack-of-proof, and absence of understanding their intent, using alternative interpretations, claiming out-of-context, and rationalizing inconsistencies. The very documents of Vatican II were purposely made ambiguous so that close scrutiny would allow traditional explanations. While the real intent and manifestations of the documents were anti-traditional.


Some claim that only proper authorities can proclaim a Pope invalid, if true, this would propose a very interesting and powerful tactic for Satan to employ to prevent his Antichrist-Antipope from being found out. Who would want to lend credence to Satan's deception? If by promoting this thesis they were complicit in allowing doubting-Souls the means to stay in Satan's New World church, they should not be a little afraid. Satan is smarter than man, and only a fool would deny for a moment that he isn't behind and hasn't orchestrated this mess. God's Divine plan will always allow for denial of obvious Truth and Satan is the master of plausible deniability.


The argument is false anyhow and is meant to confuse. When one knowingly commits heresy he becomes a formal heretic. He places himself outside the Church and he loses any office he holds automatically, by his own actions. If he is also a manifest heretic, he "declares" himself to be a heretic, publicly. No Canon court declaration is necessary. One instance may be overlooked, reasoned away for the benefit of the doubt. But repeated and pertinacious public formal heresy removes all doubt that he has willfully placed himself outside of the Church and that he is no longer Catholic.

The only argument that Sedevacantism cannot explain away, is from those who like the changes of Vatican II. Those who find no fault or error in the Conciliar church. Those who hated the old ways. Those who accept the teachings of Vatican II and hope for the New World Church. Those that believe that God's message changed and in their case change of the Church was justified, necessary, and overdue. Their pope was within his prerogative. As Luther was, so were they able to change the Religion to meet their needs. Also, as with Luther, they can keep the property and the buildings, but they must stop using the word Catholic.


Seek the Truth. Be sincere and legitimate in your quest for Truth. Open your heart to God Who can read it. Satan couldn't submit, can you swallow your pride for the Truth? If you are not willing to do this with humility and charity, then you are not sincere. If you wait for proof, it will never come, ask the Jews.


You have to believe, you have to see Jesus Christ's Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, His Spouse, and the keeper of Divine Revelation, and the Instrument of God's Salvation. Pre Vatican II and Post Vatican II. By design they are two different Churches, two different teachings, two different Faiths, and two different Religions. They cannot both be Catholic. For the sake of your Soul you have to choose the Catholic Church.


If my words are too harsh, recognize that Catholic Charity is such. "Them that sin reprove before all: that the rest also may have fear", and also that God loves the Truth and hates lies, no matter how well intentioned.




 ©HRCC 2006