What Every Catholic Must Believe


Papal Infallibility

Magisterial Infallibility

God the Father and Son and Holy Spirit are equal, and part of the same one true God.

The only way known to Salvation is through the Roman Catholic Church.

Mary the “Mother of God” was born without the stain of sin, is Ever-Virgin and was Assumed into Heaven.

Not everyone goes to Heaven. Good people can end up in Hell.

A divorced person cannot remarry and continue to be a Catholic.

Capital punishment and wars are matters of State.

Abortion and homosexuality are abominations in the eyes of God.

Satan is actively and constantly attacking the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

God can forgive our sins, but we must still suffer in Purgatory for each one that we commit, that has not been paid for while on earth.

Christians outside of the Catholic Church are heretics and in risk of eternal damnation.

Practicing Birth Control is a  mortal sin.

Men and women are not equal.

Jesus placed His Church in the hands of St. Peter and His Successors.

Only Catholics in the state of grace can accept Holy Communion.

Bread and wine are actually transformed in to the real Body and Blood of Jesus during the the Consecration.

Catholics are required to abstain from meat on Fridays.

Christ’s Church is united, catholic, holy, and apostolic.

The Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son.

Baptism in the proper manner is required to be saved from eternal separation from God.

Un-baptized infants who die never see God.

Few are saved.

Christ shed His Blood for many, not all.

Everyone in Hell deserves to be there.


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