What has Changed/Disappeared?


Altar and Church bells

Other than consecrated hands touching the Host

Communion in the hand

Communion under both species

Sacrificial nature of the Mass offered by the Priest

Other than organ music

The Bible

The Catechism

The Code of Canon Law

The Index

The Mass form

The Mass Propers

The Mass language

The Roman Missal

Most Sacraments

Placement of organ/choir

Tabernacle location

Altar Relics

Altar Stone

Altar location

Priest orientation

Traditional Vestments/Habits


Communion Rail

Angels above the altar

Catholic Stained Glass


Exclusivity of Catholic Faith

Doctrines on Sin

Doctrines on Satan/Hell

Doctrines concerning Godís Wrath/Justice

Doctrines on Purgatory

Doctrines on Limbo

Inclusive Language

Silence / Reverence in Church

No longer despise what is worldly and seek what is heavenly


Papal Coronation Oath

Collegiality of Bishops

Primacy of the Papacy

Oath against Modernism

Leonine Prayers

Papal Tiara



Canonization Requirements

Rosaries and Confessions before Mass

Tolerance of irreverent behavior

Abrogation of Saints

Suffering Injustices

Morning and evening prayers

Devotions, Novena, Stations of the Cross,

Statues of Saints

Sanctuary Lamps

Regular confessions

Appropriate attire of Congregation
Ladiesí Veils
Altar girls


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