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May 1, 2012


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Can a scientist be a Catholic? Do intelligence and the Catholic religion exclude one another?
Since our Creator is all-knowing, intelligence and the Catholic Faith are much more aligned than any knowledge of man. It is only their folly that we should see in the “Intelligentsia”, not intelligence. They are much like an adolescent who learns a little and becomes “smarter” than his parents.

When a man whose soul was created to love God, stops loving God, or never has loved God, there is a tremendous void that needs to be filled. An “enlightened” person, therefore, will fill the void with a protestant version of God, or with a tree, whale, owl, or with “nature,” or Mother Earth, or GIA. Or perhaps social justice, feeding the poor, philanthropy, or some other “natural” good.

The body of man is very much in revolt against the spirit and wants to be like the animals. A faithless being gives himself over to these lower desires and becomes rabid in defending his fallen state. The very last thing he wants to feel welling up is his spirit is the nagging of his conscience. He must bury those feelings with any form of distraction. Modern music, television, movies, and the internet satisfies this by offering a constant cacophony to drown out the thought of pleasing God and dwelling on things that are holy.

He must associate with others that think the same way, and he must convince those that do not. Those that remain otherwise are to be shunned, ridiculed, and persecuted. In his thoughts he must rationalize this worldly state, if only that he can sleep at night. But his thinking is false and therefore flawed, which shows, therefore, that by adhering to it he is not intelligent at all. He has taken natural truths and concocted a story that is sufficient to deceive himself and others, so that the primary goal of Godlessness is attained. Once God is removed (or sufficiently watered down), guilt is removed. His body can continue to be like an animal, and he can also sleep at night.

But if there is no God, how can life form? By itself? And not only human life, but plant life and animal life, and within these many different mechanisms of life.

They try to explain the complexity of life. But consider not only hearing with an ear and seeing with an eye which would be amazing occurrences all by themselves. But also the development of infrared vision used by reptiles and ultraviolet vision used by birds, and echo-location used by bats, sonar location used by dolphins and whales, and magnetic field GPS navigation also used by birds. And of all the varieties of plants that we can happen to see, smell, and eat (without which there would be no animal life), do those poor souls really think that this all just happened by itself? It is preposterous to propose this let alone believe it, because the chance of all of this happening without God are impossible even within the billions of years that they allow themselves. Nevertheless as hard as it is to imagine, their answer must be “yes,” otherwise their house-of-cards will come crashing down and their bodies may have to obey the Will of God and the Holy Catholic Church. So many signs of the majesty of God’s creation are before them, but they myopically focus on their theories and “evidence,” that cements their lives of pleasure and “liberty”.

These “scientists” have created a complicated (as any falsehood must be) but arguable theory that allows them to be the way that their lower nature wants them to be: subject to no one but themselves and their desires. They can defend it and believe it, because in their clouded and biased judgment they have convinced (rather, deceived) themselves and rationalized that it is true.

A modern scientist may occasionally give a guilty nod or lip-service to God, but he believes his “facts.” It is for those of us who have the greater wisdom to realize that all things of God are true, and to believe all that we have been taught by the Catholic Church as fact, even if we cannot understand it. We can give a nod to the sciences that we find interesting, but in the end, all true science conforms to God and to the teachings of the Catholic Church and we must as well.

Here are two examples of the folly of man and the Truth of God and His Church:

1. The Church taught that the Earth is the center of the universe. Science came along and “proved” that the Earth isn’t even the center of our solar system. This is what the wicked were waiting for: “proof” that the Catholic Church was wrong, and if it could be wrong about that, then it could be wrong about God and what He wants us to do. Unfortunately for these poor souls, the Earth really is the center of the universe. They were thinking (blindly) that it was a geometric truth, when in fact it is a focus truth: Since God’s focus is on us, we are the center of the entire universe.

2. Creation occurred about ~8,000 years ago according to the Bible, the inspired word of God as taught by the Church. Modern science says it must have happened billions of years ago. They “know” because they have tested the rocks, and they have fossils that they have “proven” are millions of years old. A Modern person believes these “facts” and loses his Faith. To him it appears that God and His Church have deceived us by telling us the world is only 8,000 years old. This is what modernists would believe and strive to convince everyone else to believe. A faithful Catholic believes his Faith and either ponders or ignores the “facts” that appear to be in conflict with it. God cannot deceive, but He allows deception to protect Free Will. There are no dinosaur bones; there are rocks that are in the shape of dinosaur bones. Satan, the Great Deceiver and Prince of Lies, is only too eager to place deceptions before the wicked so that they can remain wicked. Would anyone say that Satan is powerless to fashion a stone to appear like a bone?

“And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity.”
2 Thessalonians 2:10-11

True Wisdom is to believe in God and only the things of man that are aligned with Him and His Church. Have Catholic Faith, believe and obey.

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