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July 30, 2011

The Key to being Brilliant

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Luke 1:17
“that he may turn the hearts of the fathers unto the children, and the incredulous to the wisdom of the just, to prepare unto the Lord a perfect people.”

Intelligence is realizing what is true and good (and adhering to it) and what is false and bad (and rejecting it). The key to eternity is to recognize that we are all mistaken regarding what we think we know and the decisions that we make. When we are truly wise we will realize that our knowledge and understanding is false and bad and we will reject it. We will also seek out what is true and good and we will embrace it. It is with this humble attitude then that we will truly be intelligent and profit eternally.

Nearly all of the time we do harmful things to ourselves and others by our actions. We fail to consider all of the short term and long term ramifications that pertain to ourselves and others that we know, and to our society overall. Our thoughts and decisions are influenced negatively by our desires, external allurements, people we know and meet, and our culture in general. By our fallen nature and with the current state of society, it is very safe to say with respect to the grand scheme of things, that almost none of our decisions are good. So often we see the bad fruit of our choices but due to prideful self-love, we deny the blame and deflect it elsewhere.

Our flawed thinking can be more evident when we factor in the motivations of our decisions and how they neglect the Glory of God, our love for Him, and our love of others for His sake. By the effects of original sin and of the conditioning of our modern times, very few people these days have well-ordered thinking. If you struggle with any part of this message you should not presume that you are one of these. Due to paganism (the false understanding of God) or indifference, this world we live in is a very evil place. We are all so much the products of this world, and the wrong-mindedness is so espoused, that we should not wonder very long how this can be so true. We need to stop deceiving ourselves into thinking that we are OK, for we are not. Most of us are not even close.

Many times we commit mortal sins of infinite offense to God and we do so with intention, or by culpable ignorance. Many more times a day we offend God venially and for lack of care we may not even realize it. These “minor” venial offenses are actually extremely large (although not infinite) when considered against the Majesty that they detract from and they attest to the magnitude of the Mercy of God that He has for His undeserving creatures.

We must also recognize that it is because of our decisions that we may merit eternal damnation for ourselves or help others to their eternal destruction. This fact alone should be enough motivation to prevent us from making any decisions at all without fear and trembling.

Taking this all into consideration we must stop making decisions for ourselves and for others without first obtaining good counsel. We should in humility consider ourselves incapable and defer all of our choices to those who love us as God loves us. We should make it our passion to seek out these people and the timeless Catholic Church for guidance. We must cease in promoting our vain opinions that are baseless in Truth being based instead on our corrupt perceptions, flawed reason, our wicked pride, and self-love. We must stop thinking so highly of ourselves if we wish to rise in virtue. In truth, the only things that we can really take credit for are our sins.

To be brilliant we defer all of our judgment to God as He has revealed to us through His Church. We must strive to know everything that pleases God, as it pertains to us. We must reject our will and our understanding and conform our will’s to God’s. We must submit our actions to the teachings of His Church in all things that we do, not regarding the consequences that we may suffer in this temporal world for the right choices that we make. We must do the correct things, the right things, and make the right decisions, with the right attitude, for God’s sake and our love for Him.

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