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February 13, 2010

Fear and Trembling

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Think of how many people will die this day. Over 100 people in the world die every minute. How frightful it is to grasp that most will find themselves judged into the everlasting torments of Hell. How surprised and horrified these wretched souls must be! It is certain that none of them imagined that this would be their lot for all eternity. Whether they thought little of it or whether they presumed they would go to Heaven, Purgatory or nothingness, not one of these lost souls in their right mind planned to suffer excruciating agony forever. So why are so many horrified? Obviously they did not realize how much they offended and displeased God. Because they did not apply the effort necessary to know what mattered most during their life. That is what lead to the Just and Irrevocable sentence of Almighty God. It is by their own pride and presumption that they have merited everlasting suffering. They allowed themselves to be deceived, believing those things that they wanted to believe instead of what they must believe. They defined their truth to allow them to do as they wished rather than conforming their wills to the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church alone contains the Truth and was instituted to instruct the Truth to those that would hear it. This is the Will of God. But because the wicked and prideful will not conform their wills to the Will of God, God allows them to deceive themselves and to be deceived and to remain in their iniquity. And this realization should be very sobering to us. We should not let another day or moment go by without being sure that we please God by humbling ourselves and following the teachings of the Catholic Church and never taking our salvation for granted.

So very intelligent is Satan to convince this world that there is nothing to worry about. Deceit and Distraction are the tools effectively used by the prince of this world. When we choose our will over God’s Will these are the tools that are used to help us stay that way. Distraction is so much a part of what we do that we no longer recognize it. We complain of boredom and go to the TV so that we can be engrossed and entertained. There are so many more ways that we fill our days with idleness and meaningless distractions, whether by Godless music, movies or mindless games and play. We no longer have the desire for contemplative thought; solemn time when we can reflect on things of God and how we can please Him. We allow ourselves to be distracted because it is fun and entertaining. So using the instruments of distraction Satan has convinced men to seek the pleasures of this world and never dwell on what happens after we die. If we do have an occasion to think of death Satan has dealt with that as well. He has distorted the Christian Faith to deceive those who would be deceived into believing lies, and wrecked the institutions of authority that were established to reveal the Will of God and the means of salvation.

How very evil are those who actively or passively promote the deceitful message of Satan. This message is not necessary grossly evil, in fact it is most likely wrapped in “love” and humanistic values. Lacking is the supernatural love or “charity” that teaches us to put God first in our lives, above everything else with no exception. Lacking are the things that are taught by the Catholic Faith, for by these teachings alone is salvation possible. Those that teach contrary to what has been taught by the Catholic Church for two thousand years, either by direct commission of error or by omission of truth, are doing the work of Satan. High ranking in Satan’s legion are those that undermine the Catholic Faith by passing themselves off as authorities above the Catholic Church and chief among these are those that use the name “Catholic” when in fact they are wicked modernists dwelling in formerly Catholic buildings. They instruct, or rather destruct, a large number of their flock by their errors. Most of this flock, due to this faulty instruction and their own faults and pride, do not seek to remove themselves from these errors and they become and remain deceived. They believe the lies and confirm these opinions in their heart because it allows them to remain as they are, rather than seeking the truth at the expense of their liberties.

So many have wretchedly died in this state of self-inflicted ignorance, while presuming themselves safe. Pride is what kept them from the truth, for they were smarter than the Catholic Church. Pride is what has lead them to Hell, for failing to heed admonishments of those concerned with their eternity. Pride, the Devil’s own sin, is what caused them to be surprised at that moment of death because it kept them from being fearful of their salvation and seeking the truth, and amending their lives to please God.

Death will come to you as well. Will you be surprised when you find yourself burning in unquenchable fire? Work out your salvation with fear and trembling! Do not let another moment pass before you resolve to remove yourself from the attachments of this world and to seek only those things that please Almighty God! Cease your proud convictions and recognize that you have been deceived, and that you know nothing, and that your lack of humility keeps you in that state! Beg the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and all the angels and saints, to intercede on your behalf for the Grace necessary to help you to know and understand the Catholic Faith, to love and embrace the Catholic Faith, and to live the Catholic Faith.

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