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February 4, 2010

You have the right to remain silent

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There are so many people, if not all, who feel that their opinion can and should be expressed. Ask them and they may even tell you that they have the “right” to do so. While this may be true in temporal matters, it certainly does not hold true when speaking of spiritual matters.

Opinions necessitate either an “I think” or  “I feel”. And when we speak about the True Faith we can only speak in terms of absolute conformity to the teachings of the Catholic Church. If we are guessing or worse if we rely on our rational thought, we will almost certainly be wrong and therefore injurious to those that hear us and to ourselves for the scandal we create.

So much of what we have been taught by society and what we have learned through non-Catholic publications and media outlets is completely at odds with Catholic Teaching. So effective has been Satan’s minions in causing good be bad and evil be good. A brief comparison can confirm this as true.

By the world’s standards:

Pursuit of pleasure is good, austerity is bad.
Pursuit of money is good, poverty is bad.
Assertiveness is good, submission is bad.
Comfort is good, suffering is bad.
Sinners are fun, saints are boring.
Tolerance of deviance is good, intolerance of deviance is bad .

The list could go on without even bringing up specific Catholic Teachings (which really seems crazy these days).

It is because of this upside down thinking that most people think that they are good, when in fact much (if not most) of what they do is not pleasing to God. An hence this is also why most people go to Hell without recognizing that that is where they are going. This is the reason that people should hold their tongues, and stifle the urge to speak their mind. They should be fearful of giving a false testament and speaking in favor of opinions that are contrary to the Will of God, confirming their erroneous thoughts to themselves and misleading themselves and others to a place outside of the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation. They should instead read the lives of the Saints and amend their lives accordingly.

If you must speak, speak only of things of which you have moral certitude. That is, things that you know to be true because you were taught them by someone who has moral authority over you (A parent, husband, priest, or religious). To these teachings your will must submit. If you disagree you can go to a higher authority until you reach the universal teachings of the Church and finally the Pope, beyond which there is no earthly authority.

Never knowingly contradict Catholic Teaching at which point you would become a formal heretic (non-Catholic). The teachings of the Catholic Church are timeless as they are the same as the Divine Will of God. When the Catholic Church speaks, God speaks. If you are confused with the state of the Church, look to Tradition. If you have trouble with the tradition of the Catholic Church you should recognize yourself as dis-ordered and pray for the grace and humility to conform your understanding to God.

The Catholic Church has never contradicted Herself and could never be injurious to souls. God could never do those things, and as such He  would never allow His Church to do those things.

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  1. Thank you for your articles. I want to convince the people in my class of 1962 in high school, that we are one of the last classes which were taught the authentic Faith…so many are :catholic: in the novusordo church…how do I do this?

    Comment by Marguerite — April 11, 2011 @ 11:09 am

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